Diseases and their Authentic Ayurvedic Treatment “Building on a legacy of quality and experience of over 85 years”

Pashyema Jeevema Buddhyema Sharadah Shatam

Pashyema Sharadah Shatam : " May we see a hundred Autumns" , Jeevema Sharadah Shatam : " May we live a hundred Autumns " , Buddhyema Sharadah Shatam: " May we know for hundred Autumns ".

We Cure Care Mankind by producing quality Ayurvedic Medicine.

Promoting the healing power of nature for your health.


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Meditation & Curative Yoga

Meditation is the single most powerful tool to aid recovery from disease and lead to a life of maximum health.

Contract Manufacturing

We make the same ... As AYURVEDA Claim. We integrate the goodness of nature with the finest cutting edge production technology.

Diabetes ( Madhumeha )

Welcome the lip-smacking desserts back in your life with our tried and tested treatments.

Our core values are rooted in tradition, but modern in its thought and approach. Since 1932, we have grown to become India's leading manufacturer of Ayurvedic medicines. As the makers of the various Classical, Patent, OTC medicines and a host of other popular FMCG products, the Swasthya Vardhak name symbolizes cost effective and high quality Ayurvedic products. We intend to be the global numero uno in the field of AYURVEDA through exploring & developing new products, laying emphasis on cost effectiveness, maintaining effective Quality Management System and our never say never again spirit.
Swasthya Vardhak runs Chikitsa shivirs at various locations across the country. With online consultancy now at its peak, Swasthya Vardhak is reaching more people than ever before. Click here to fill the Ayurveda Consultancy form

Nourish Sanjeevni Satisfaction  by nature...

Unfolding the secrets of AYURVEDA with the tools of modern technology.